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bring modern art into your home.


Welcome to our online art store, where you can find a limited selection of high-quality reproductions of the work of Vera LP Cauwenberghs.


Visual artist Vera Louisa Paula Cauwenberghs was born in Mechelen and lives in Wommersom, a sub-municipality of Linter (Flemish Brabant - Belgium). She has been active as a painter since 2008 and exhibits at home and abroad. She is self-taught, and is mainly inspired by the work of the Impressionists.


Her mission is to make fine art accessible to everyone, regardless of location or budget. She believes that art is for everyone and that it has the power to inspire, improve and enrich our lives. That's why she offers a range of affordable reproductions that allow you to bring the beauty of Vera's art into your home or office.

All of our reproductions are giclée's, made using the highest quality materials, including archival inks and acid-free, UV resistant paper. With this technique, high-quality ink is applied in different color layers on special paper. A limit is agreed with the artist, so the works are limited in edition. Each reproduction is dated and signed by the artist on the back.

Whether you are a serious art collector or just someone who appreciates great art, we have something for you!


We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible shopping experience. Our website is user-friendly,safeand easy to navigate. We offer fast and reliable shipping, and our customer service is always available to answer any questionsto askto answer.


Thank you for choosing our online art store for your art reproduction needs. We hope that our reproductions will inspire you and enrich your life for years to come.


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Vera L.P. Cauwenberghs
Fine Art Print Shop


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