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  • What is a giclee?
    A giclée is a new printing technique developed in the United States using an inkjet printer. This is mainly used to make reproductions of works of art. The term giclée is derived from the French verb “gicler”, which means to blast or spray. This printing technique uses continuous ink jets that apply different layers of color to the paper. Artist Jack Duganne gave the name giclee to this new printing process in 1991. This high quality can be obtained by: High quality paper. A high quality ink, based on real pigments. A piezo print head technology, which allows for very precise dosing of the ink quantity and frequency. With these pigmented inks, a color fastness of 100 years or more can be achieved according to the latest research. To produce a giclée, the work must first be “digitized”. Then it is also possible to use this technique for work that is designed on a screen and of which only a digital original exists, the so-called digital art. If a digital work is not printed in edition but only printed once, we speak of a monogiclée. source : wikipedia
  • Which means of payment are accepted?
    We accept the following payment methods: Credit / Debit cards Paypal Apple Pay Sofort Klarna
  • How are the orders shipped?
    We will send the orders with B-Post. Please count on a delivery time of between 7 and 14 days for deliveries in Belgium and up to 30 days for deliveries abroad
  • How long can I rely on the return policy?
    Customers receive a guaranteed and unconditional right of cancellation for a purchase up to 14 days after receipt of the goods.
  • Are returns free?
    No, the costs for returning the shipment are for the customer.
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